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Strong and Beautiful Interlock Pavers & Floor Tiles

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Interlock Pavers!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer of interlocking pavement tiles specially designed for commercial, domestic and heavy traffic areas like petrol pumps, schools, villas, showrooms, industrial areas, government buildings, apartments, courtyards and gardens.

Our Features

Our concrete paving tiles provides versatility to meet construction and design criteria.It is safer, low cost and comes in wide range of colours.Pavement tiles are eco-friendly because the rainwater seeps downwards in to the soil and improves the water table.

Long life

Quick and easy installation ,maintenance free tiles with no cracking and having life expectancy of more than 50 years are the traits of Siva Tiles.Pavement tiles are a flexible system. They do allow for needed movement without sacrificing the strength.They can handle weights of heavy trucks.

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Our featured works and completed projects speaks for our workmanship and quality control processes, the care and attention we had taken in the manufacturing of building construction products.Siva Tiles is where quality products and efficient management meets craftsmanship.Our processes are audited and aligned with global quality standards.Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Wide Range of Selection

Siva Interlock coloured pavers do come in a wide variety of colours and designs.Our advantage is that we have got the best craftsmen, modern designs, state of the art manufacturing facilities.

  • Wide variety of colour
  • Different sizes of products
  • Quick and Easy Installation at customer sites
  • Maintenance Free Pavement Tiles
  • Long life of 50 years
  • Best ecofriendly solution

About Us

Siva Tiles is a leading  manufacturer of Interlock coloured pavers in Kerala. Coming from the stable of Siva Group, which has an excellent track record of manufacturing wirecut bricks, hollow and solid bricks for the last 15 years, Siva Tiles has become the trusted brand for interlock coloured pavement tiles.Our Efficient management supervises the whole process very closely in tandem with the craftsmen so that final output looks good and professional on your building’s patio, courtyard.Our manufacturing facility is located at Komalloor, near Chunakkara, Alappuzha District , Kerala.

Our Interlocking paving stones are excellent for domestic and industrial / commercial applications. Our tiles can be used in heavy traffic areas and parking lots.They are used in petrol pumps, schools, shopping complexes, government buildings, courts etc.

  • Crafted with love

    Our Quality Control Methods make sure that your pavement tiled area is build to last for a generation.

  • Ecofriendly

    Siva’s interlock pavers are extremely ecofriendly and helps save the rain water and increase the ground water level in your land.

  • Lightning Fast Installation

    You will be surprised at the quick installation process we employ in laying the pavement tiles.Our efficient management coupled with experienced technicians do the trick.

  • Pleasing on the Eyes

    Your building becomes aesthetically beautiful after the installation. The friendly colours looks cool for the eyes

Give a facelift to your Frontyard

The reasons why you should use pavement tiles on your front yard are numerous.

They come in different styles so you can select  a colour scheme and design you like.You can make up your own design using the tiles.Low cost, zero maintenance and lifetime of about 50 years with no cracking are the advantages. Pavement tiles are three times stronger than concrete.This accounts for the durability. They can be installed fast and moves along with the soil condition. They are weather resistant, versatile and safe for pedastrians and vehicles on them.

What others say about us

Anish Kumar

The process of tile laying was very quick and was minimum disturbance to our firm’s normal operation.The workmanship and quality of tiles are good.

Anish KumarAdoor
Maneesh Jayachandran

We are satisfied with Siva Tiles. The courtyard looks very beautiful after the work.

Maneesh JayachandranNooranad
George Kurian

Doing business with Siva Tiles was a positive experience. I wish them all the best

George KurianCharummood
Dr. Rajendran

Siva Tiles is a trusted brand.I have noticed they have the quality and professionalism which many lack

Dr. RajendranAdoor